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From: Niro Thambipillay

Let me ask you…

Do you ever struggle to get your kids to do what you want, whether it’s to get ready on time, have a shower before bed or have their breakfast without having to yell at them?
Do you find that you’re not respected at home, that your kids seem to ignore you, almost as if you’re irrelevant and that mom is the only parent that matters?

Do your kids sometimes have tantrums, whether it’s screaming at you when they are young or going around all sullen and not talking if they are older… and you have no idea why?
Well, if any of that sounds familiar my man, you are not alone. I know exactly how you feel.
But I’m here to tell you that…
If you struggle to communicate, influence and just plain get through to your kids, it’s not your fault.
After all, where did you learn how to communicate with your kids?

How are you supposed to know what your kids needs in order to respect you and listen to you, without being scared of you.

How are you supposed to figure out what your kids are thinking and feelings, especially when they either can’t tell you because they are too young or won’t tell you?

If you’re like most men, you’re probably scratching your head, trying to come up with an answer.

Our dads almost certainly didn’t teach us this and neither did we learn it at school. So where are we supposed to learn how to communicate with our kids?

I remember, when I first became a dad, I was so excited.

But as my son started to grow up, I realized I had a major problem.

I didn’t know how to get him to do what I wanted, without getting angry.

And it broke my heart!

I loved my son and I did NOT want to get angry at him, but I didn’t know any other way to get him to do what I wanted.

I felt heartsick every time I saw his little eyes look down as he went off to do whatever I’d ask. The guilt and shame that washed over me was the WORST feeling I’d ever experienced, but I didn’t know any other way.

One day I was sitting down, after another episode when my son had gone off in tears because I’d yelled at him over something trivial, andI realized that if I didn’t change something…
I would end up failing to have a close relationship with my kids.
What really bothered me thought…

What I really couldn’t understand was how I could have such a great relationship with my clients and prospects at work, yet I struggled to connect with own my kids?

You see I had been involved in helping people buy investment property for 9 years, but when I first started, I was terrible.

I could not get anyone to buy anything. In fact my employer at the time said that…

If I didn’t sell something in the next 90 days, I’d be fired!

So with nowhere else to turn, I started studying how to persuade and influence people like my life depended on it (It did!)

As I did, I stumbled upon this thing called Emotional Intelligence, and the more I studied it, the more I liked what I saw. Soon I started applying Emotional Intelligence or more accurately Emotional Communication in my sales meetings.

And slowly but surely, I started to make sales.

What I really liked is my prospects and customers never felt pressured or manipulated into making a decision. They felt they could trust me and put their financial future in my hands. Many went on to become lifelong friends.

So I thought, what ifthe same Emotional Communication strategies that I used with my prospects and customers could be used with my kids?
The $66.2 Million Idea
I was quite nervous when I decided to give this a go. Yes, I’d used these strategies to help my clients purchase $66.2 Million worth of property, but I had no idea if they would work with kids.

But I was stunned by the results.

As soon as I started applying these Emotional Communication strategies, things changed. Bath time battles became a thing of the past. Getting the kids to get ready on time became a breeze and I no longer suffered from the persistent sore throat I’d had, which came about as a result of constantly yelling at home.

Of course, not all the strategies worked effectively. I had to fine tune many of them but my initial and immediate successes inspired me to delve even deeper into the Art of Emotional Communication with kids.

And as I got better at communicating emotionally with my kids,

Things at home got so much easier. We didn’t have yelling battles and there was so much more peace and quiet at home

I felt respected again and started looking forward to going home once more.

And more importantly, I started to build a close relationship with my kids.

I can safely that as a result of these Emotional Communication strategies, I have a relationship with both my kids that is just amazing.
And here’s where things got better…
My kids are totally different in personality. Yet, the strategies worked just as well with both of them.

When other dads, who noticed the relationship I had with my kids started asking me what I was doing, I shared some of the strategies with them

And I was amazed at how well it worked for them too.

It didn’t matter how old the kids were, whether they were boys or girls, the Emotional Communication Strategies worked for them.

Then they started asking me for more.

So I decided to put everything I’d learned and fine tuned into a new course called 
Ultimate Dad Toolkit – The Art of Emotional Communication for dads.

If you’ve ever wanted to get your kids to do what you want without yelling, if you want to feel respected again as a man at home and if you want to create a closer bond between you and your kids, then this is the course for you.
Ultimate Dad Toolkit 
My course Ultimate Dad Toolkit – The Art of Emotional Communication for Dads is a 5 week video training course that reveals to you everything you need to know about getting through to your kids.

Every week you get one video module so you never get overwhelmed. Each module goes through the teachings and principles of the Art of Emotional Communication plus gives you examples of what to say and what not to say.

You literally get scripts you can tailor for your situations.

And if you ever screw up and say the wrong thing… I still do, I give you a proven get out of jail script that fixes up your error in 60 seconds or less

With Ultimate Dad Toolkit , you’ll never again feel like you don’t know what to say. You’ll almost never have to yell at them again! You’ll have the tools, techniques and scripts to be able to get through to your kids whenever you want, maintain your kids trust and respect and be the man they come to when they need help.

So if you’d like to be that kind of dad, then my Ultimate Dad Toolkit training is for you.

It took me years and close to $10,000 of my own money to learn these communication strategies. But you can get them for the one off investment of $497.
Full Money Back Guarantee
And I’m so confident in this training that I want to take all the risk away from you. Get the training, watch the weekly videos, follow the checklists, try out the scripts for a full 90 days, and in the unlikely event that this course doesn’t make a MASSIVE difference in your relationship with your kids, just let us know and we’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund. That’s right. If this training doesn’t give you the respect you’re looking for at home, doesn’t help you get through to your kids on a deeper level than you EVER imagined and doesn’t make your fatherhood journey an easier one, just let us know within 90 days and we’ll issue a full refund. No questions asked! 

So you have nothing to lose. Click the button below to order this training and start becoming the father you’ve always wanted to be.

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