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Meet Niro

A dad, just like you, Niro is no guru! This is his story…

When Niro’s first son was born, he promised himself that he’d be the best father he possibly could be.

There was just one problem…

He didn’t know how to be a great father. There was no support or training he could find. It’s not as if there was any Fatherhood school he could attend.

with Niro Thambipillay
Ultimate Dad Toolkit
  1. How to get your kids to do what you want them to without bribing, yelling or threatening
  2. How to become a trusted advisor to your kids so they take your input  over their friends, social media and society
  3. How to have a fulfilling relationship with your kids that is a source of strength for you – and where you look forward to going home once more
League of Dads Who Don't Quit

Do you sometimes find fatherhood a lonely journey?

Do you want to stop pretending that you have everything together… and just be able to share what’s on your mind and in your heart openly and without fear of being judged or looking weak?

Would you like to connect with other like minded dads who are committed to being the best father they can be?

If so, then the League of Dads Who Don’t Quit could be for you

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